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Threading the Needle

I knew it, I just knew it.  A few of us have been discussing the benefits of milo versus corn and the bottom fell out.  I just knew a few corn producers would jump ship.  Smiley Very Happy




I had a gut feeling that a large correction was just around the corner as this coop took about a dime off the basis within the past week so I pulled the trigger and unloaded every bushel of 2014 crop I had remaining yesterday.Smiley Frustrated

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Re: Threading the Needle

soggy shaggy i guess look at it this way, milo still looks good compaired to corn.....but for how long ???


might want to consider some how locking in price but keep the door open in case we have a surprise(s).

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Re: Threading the Needle

You're probably correct when you say lock in the price but I've been burned on doing that more times than not.  If I do anything, I'll probably just lock in enough bushels to cover the 2016 milo expenses.

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Re: Threading the Needle

2015 On-farm corn stocks

What percentage of your on-farm corn stocks are left unsold?
51.724137931 percent 13.7931034483 percent 16.091954023 percent 11.4942528736 percent 6.89655172414 percent
52% 14% 16% 11% 6%
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
Vote Legend
1) 0-25% 45
2) 26-50% 12
3) 51-75% 14
4) 76-100% 10
5) Doesn't apply to me 6
Total Votes: 87

Results current as of:
15-May-15 09:52 PM

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