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Export Inspections from the USDA indicated that 1.336 MMT of soybeans were shipped during the week ending 01/30. From the same report MYTD shipments have reached 971.187 mbu, which is 180.398 mbu more than last year’s pace. China

was unsurprisingly the top destination for soybeans, with 40.8% of the weekly shipment headed to Mainland China. The second largest destination for the week’s exports with a 15.17% market share was the Netherlands. Indonesia is expected to add an additional 30.2% to their biodiesel production through the year as they move toward a higher required blend. Brazil January exports were the lowest since 2017. Data from Brazil’s Trade Ministry had Soybean exports in Jan at 1.49 MMT, meal at 1.06 MMT, and Soy oil at 12,600 MT




When I was a kid we had a number of dogs.

Very few ever caught a rabbit. They could all outrun one just couldn't catch it. 

We had this one that caught lots of them.

Anytime a dog got close to one it started

evasive action, the dogs all tried to

follow the zigs and zags. Never worked.


This one dog ignored all the bluster, ziging


And zaging. He just ran a straight line


And as the rabbit did his thing literally


Just reached down and grabbed the rabbit.


These markets make me think of those

rabbits. Don't worry about those annoying


Zigs and zags, they just serve to confuse


and cause ulsers.


Run a straight line and pick it off at an 


Opportune time as it baffels the rest of us.




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