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Tid bits



There is still a lot of talk that China’s inventories of soybean and meal are full and that China continues to look for opportunities to either cancel or delay imports.


–Most of China’s efforts have been focused on Brazilian supplies.


–There was talk over the weekend that China re-sold 2-3 cargoes of Brazilian beans to the U.S. for April-May shipment.


•Weather is not a major market factor at this time.


–There are a couple of areas in the U.S. that need to be monitored.


–The SW plains remain under drought conditions.


–The far northern corn belt and great lakes region have endured a very cold winter and there are concerns that spring planting could be delayed.

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Re: Tid bits

Hahahha us rebuys for more
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Re: Tid bits

why is that one funny, farmerguy?


US will need it from somewhere -- despite USDA's theoretical calculations - we ain't gonna have any beans left for crushing or shipping by end of May. 

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Re: Tid bits

It's just funny that we hawk our stuff then decide later that we need to buy it back for more
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Re: Tid bits

Kinda brings to mind "the Great Grain Robbery"

Different circumstances

Just saying some folks have figured how to game the system better than we/I have

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Re: Tid bits

My guess is that there headed to Smithfield - Don't China own them know ? Smithfield has done this for years ( import )  so not surpriseing , is it ?

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