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Tid bits

 My adaptation to the 199a rules.


Went coop shopping, Heartland Coop west des Moines has a new $100 member.


Been selling corn through them on a direct ship basis. They are passing the posted price of whatever entity I choose directly on to me. No  charges or deductions. They are hoping most will do some kind of hedging or hta, options strategies or something of the sort. Not a requirement.


Same thing on beans.  I vote to leave the 199a alone with this kind of deal.

The e plant, crusher, or train loader can still get my grain at their bid price, I get Fed tax free income. Assuming I make some money...


Takes couple more days to receive payment. Their reach is the whole state of Iowa at least.

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Rick Bee
Frequent Contributor

Re: Tid bits

Good deal.  I need to check and see if we can do that here in Ohio.

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