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Tiger is quiet

Must be raining and the hope for $5-$6 corn is gone
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Re: Tiger is quiet

He might surface again as this week is gonna be dry according to the models. Most likely the drought monitor area will increase Thursday.


I'll sell alot of my corn for $4.25, all of it for $4.50 if we get there. Not gonna see any more this year.


We catch a few rains across the midwest in August and beans won't make it very far into the 10's before they retreat back into the 9's.

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Don't be so quick

to Mock Tiger.   You'll find yourself in the same position of those Hillary supporters who said Trump would "never be President!"   The damage has been done to a large swath of the crop, be it from replanting, late planting, too much water, not enough water, blistering heat.   Those things a record corn crop does not make.....and from some of the corn I've seen, you can't count out a good frost.   Patience my friend