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Has anybody seen this internet post?

A new web platform, Tillable, is helping bring transparency to the farmland rental market. Tillable is designed to ameliorate an issue co-founder and CEO Corbett Kull saw in the dynamic of farmland rental: landowners are often unsure how to get fair market value for the rent of their land, and growers, looking for new land…

Be careful anything that sounds too good to be true most likely isn't.

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Re: Tillable

Add internet........   the formula for success....... just add internet.


It will favor mega rich...... and well funded on both sides and escalate the demise of small farms.

A tool for those who can afford it from those want the midwest to change rapidly.

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Re: Tillable

My question always is:  What's in it for them?

Besides the fact that a lot of data on all rentable farmland in America would/could be available to them at their computerized fingertips (now who would they sell that data to, I wonder.../sarc), there's this:

"What does it cost to use Tillable?

Access to the Tillable platform, browsing and saving farms is free. If you sign a lease and rent a farm through Tillable, a fee of 2% of the gross rent for that farm applies."
....nice gig if you can get it, only for the price of maintaining a website.
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Re: Tillable

Isn`t that what Hertz Fart Management does already?  I`m sure there are others. 

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