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Time could you interpit

The Pig Site. com has figures released out of Chinia. The sow liqudation is larger than all the sows in Canada.  Some of the things they quote make you just make you say what. Please read and interpit. Sounds good for a hog corn farmer.

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Re: Time could you interpit

In the article, it stated that corn was 19 cent per lb. and soybean meal 30 cent a lb.  Then corn is 10.64 a bu and soybean is 600 per ton. Those prices seem quite high, I guess I didn't know the cost of raising pigs in China. 

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Re: Time could you interpit

If I tried it would be a fool's folly, since I have no knowledge of china or the accuracy of the report. So, for our plan, I'll ignore it. sorry

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