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Timely crop inputs

May be a real challenge to get or apply this year. 

Expect crop yields to be lower due to crop input limitations. 


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Re: Timely crop inputs

This may effect total acres planted as well.   The incentive to plant every acre is being challenged financially, physically, and psychologically.

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RE: The epidemiological models indicate....

The epidemiological models indicate that coronavirus will hit the more rural Midwest hardest in May.   Half the population of farmers is over 59, the question becomes will there even be anyone available to plant this year's crop.

  But then again, age might not even matter, evidence out of Europe and New York indicates that unlike China, half the seriously hospitalized are in that 29 to 65 category.

  In order to avoid losing trained employees, the local fertilizer store has already taken precautions to keep their employees healthy,  customers aren't allowed into the office, no contact policy on the farm.