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Timing high in grains

I am assuming a july high in grains if these prices have already bottomed.  I will recalculate if we break the lows.  Take it as it is because you don't have to pay to hear it.  Its free.

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BA Deere
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Re: Timing high in grains

I think there could be some reasoned fireworks in the markets this summer, it`s just you gotta know how much you can poke the bear before he wakes and then  Run!   Smiley Happy

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$3.50 cash corn....$10 cash soybeans

those prices should be your goal, and your breakeven should be below that...otherwise, cut some costs and restructure.

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Re: $3.50 cash corn....$10 cash soybeans

Central IA currently at $3.17 and $9.14. Your goal is reasonable and  my projection-prodection is it will happen in the next six months. 

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