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To my northern friends...

Your weather is down here in my driveway DRUNK, I need you to come get it.



NOW ,  today 

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Re: To my northern friends...

I'll swap with you Hobby. I got 1/4 -1/2 inch of ice. Forecast next week 7 inches of snow on Monday, another 7 inches Wednesday/Thursday. The ice isn't going anywhere soon. Below 32 degrees next 10 days 

Still have 30 loads of corn to go this month. Talked to my guy at the elevator yesterday. He jokingly asked when I was going to deliver, I told him, you want it. Come get it!!


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Re: To my northern friends...

He Hobby Farmer-

Sorry for your crappy weather...

Oh yeah- spring starts down there in about a month, right?

Here in southwest Mi. it starts around June 10th and summer ends mid-August...

So- sorry again for your HARSH winter. 

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Re: To my northern friends...

KY - It will be 20 something below zero here in SCMN by Monday am.  Would rather have that than the ice you are dealing with.  Sure made a terrible mess on I35 in Fort Worth.

One thing I don't miss is doing chores when it is 20 - 30 below.  Something would always freeze and would have to carry water.  Pants would get wet and freeze hard enough to stand on their own when you took them off.

Cows sure kept the barn warm with all the hay stacked upstairs.

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Re: Suck it up buttercup, if it don't kill you, it'll make you stronger.

Anyhow, that's what they always told me.

I just checked, in the past month we've only had three days with the average temperature was above freezing.  Four foot of snow on top of that.  I'm beginning to think Canada has moved south. I tell those Canadian guys to keep their weather north of the lake but they won't listen to me.   Worse yet, we got at least another ten days of below-freezing weather.

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Re: To my northern friends...



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Re: To my northern friends...

Wolf Creek pass ..... way up on the great divide....... sliding on down the other side.

That drive will be getting 10-12 inches of snow and winter storm warnings...... so stop and enjoy South Fork for a night or two where today it will be near 25 degrees warmer than Dodge City Kansas.

rare weather in a region that years before (60's -80's) sees two weeks a winter with O degree temps in one of the winter months...... Not true the last ten years of hot drought......  winter has returned.   I'm not going to use my computer to say the new ice age is upon us or any other knot head statement that will make me the new climate czar.  But........................

to remain on track....... Truck traffic to feed yards is slowed to a crawl as the next two days will see temps drop to the -16 degree level across the Oklahoma panhandle.... loads of corn rolled hard the last 4 days in anticipation(even a few farm loads went down to Gavalon at Etter, tx for storage because more farms down there eat commodities than produce them) so today (Saturday) you can't get loaded much of anywhere, even on farms, and you won't get unloaded much of anywhere.  

to irritate the guys up north---- by Wednesday we will start a warm up and will touch 45 degrees and 50 by next weekend.  So schedule your next camping trip to Black Mesa park where elevations are just under Denver Colorado's mile high and If you don't like the weather just wait.  Then then tour cattle feeding south .  Will be a memorable trip for the wife.

Have a safe weekend........ sweeping out the garage. 

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