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Todays volume

Could someone tell me what the May corn and beans volume today means. Are the CBOT volume numbers correct, over half a billion corn bushels traded  today. Also beans. Did hear farmer selling light


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Re: Todays volume

I show the total corn volume on 3/4 (all option months) as 230,000 cars or 1.15 Bil

Actually a very light volume day and not a great sign since it is a positive day.


In contrast, 2/25 going in to FND shows 855,000 cars or 8.3 Bil bu traded. Yep,

basically 4x the carryout traded in a day, pretty normal actually, but does raise

the question if the game has anything to do with price discovery.


I'm just thrilled the specs are getting short in a big way. Them being short 1 or 2x

the carryout in March is a very good thing.