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Re: Tony Dreibus



Constructive criticism.................... the things I want to hear.


Pure hatred................................... the things that point out my mistakes....



I want to hear constructive criticism ...



Your not the only one who does not proof read,   I know a lawyer that never does it, and when it gets him in trouble he blames his legal secretary.   I have found that a large % of people think that spell check is proof reading.


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Re: Tony Dreibus

Wow, admitted to false info that definitely swayed the market for the day. Problem is after correction No return compensation market still down. Makes us working fellas curious about the other 364 days of BS spewing out of this one sided market. Oh yeah we already know this just a shame when finally someone anyone admits to it still no recourse. Which tells all of us what we already knew screwed either way no matter the spin. Rich get richer and the rest of us well not so much as a reach around while we continue to accept intolerance from behind. CROOKS? On a side note what is with the Dec. and Nov. headline prices? Who gives a ***** if we can't afford today. Is this your guys way of hiding from the reality of the cash prices below 80% of production costs? How do one of us regulars get a job like yours? Just don't post the real price maybe these farmers won't know the difference and even if they do f em.