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Tree foliage turning Fall color

Reported in Pittsburg - mid Aug.


anyone know the average date for these coordinates? The wonderful reporter/writer must of felt that adding any contrast would bafoon the readers...don't we love it when these guys leave out pertinent info!!! Smiley Mad


that is as far south as I-80 through center of belt - Hmm, beginning of the end of growing season for US?




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Re: Tree foliage turning Fall color

Scouting tonight....

Found 2 things.....


And similar observation, some disturbing chlorophyll degradation on some of the road side margins......

Don't know what it means other than I am a hour closer to I70 than I am to I80
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Re: Tree foliage turning Fall color


also predicting late september snow. so far has been spot on.

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Re: Tree foliage turning Fall color

Almanac is not consistent in its predictions therefore it is interesting fiction
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Re: Tree foliage turning Fall color



where did you see late Sep snow?


thank you


I suppose this has been somewhat of a fictitious spring/summer - 2014....maybe the whole climate thing is such.


89, is your data feed a couple days behind?  --giving you a hard time - hope you can take a little poking. Smiley Happy

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