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Trumps china charade


All that's happening is Trump is spinning time. 

He created the same mess w China which of course he'll supposedly fix ( or just fix some of ).

The trade that's been lost thus far will essentially be made back again. 

Kinda typical Trump.. Creates his own mess ,  then fixes it and declares himself a then success. 

Keep in mind the supposed soybeans in this really don't amount to a hill of beans. 


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Re: Trumps china charade

You tell me exactly "who created the mess".

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Re: Well, under trump it's got worse.

In 2018, trump managed to drive it up to $419 billion, so who's fault is that?

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Trump Among Select Few Standing up to China

And in other news, China demands that two Australian lawmakers REPENT for their criticism of China.  In the meantime, the two lawmakers are banned from visiting China.

"“The Chinese people do not welcome those who make unwarranted attacks, wantonly exert pressure on China, challenge China’s sovereignty, disrespect China’s dignity and undermine mutual trust between China and Australia,” it said."

I think America should adopt those ideals, don't you?


And in more other news, Germany is training China's army in riot control methods.  That is definitely a what the #*****.

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Re: Well, under trump it's got worse.

Let me get this straight, you mean after the revenue generating tariffs we`re actually buying even MORE from China??     So why does China want us to remove the tariffs?  Why isn`t China happy as a lark with Trump and buy 2 billion bushel of beans as a good will gesture?   Seems to me if the defict surplus against the US went up $50 Billion, the least they could do is buy $20 Billion in soybeans.


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Re: Well, under trump it's got worse.

@BA Deere 

The BIG reveal to me was when the tariffs were instituted and basically the only real things with any value that China could "hit" the U.S. back with were the tariffs on food imports.

I used a Mandarin-to-English translator to translate this right off the Chinese Ministry of Commerce website, so the news wasn't reprocessed 1000 times.

"The list tentatively includes 7 categories and 128 tax items. According to 2017 statistics, it involves US exports of about US$3 billion to China. The first part consists of 120 taxes, involving US$977 million in exports to China, including fresh fruits, dried fruits and nut products, wine, modified ethanol, American ginseng, seamless steel pipes, etc., and is subject to a 15% tariff."


You know what is ironic, though?  Canada is blaming Trump too --> stating that the payments U.S. farmers are receiving for failed crops is unfairly limiting Canada's farmers ability to compete in the world markets.

Doesn't matter what country you are in, Trump is the go-to guy for blame-a-thons.

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Re: Well, under trump it's got worse.

The real charade is being carried out by the USDA reports.

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Re: "Crickets", yourself.

"Crickets", yourself.  I'm not going to stop combining to point out to you that the reason the deficit went up was that our exports to China went down.

And when you add in all the tariffs Americans are paying, the effective trade deficit will be very substantially higher.

And don't give me this malarkey about China paying the tariffs because it simply isn't true. 

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Re: Well, under trump it's got worse.

Just came across this independent report/presentation dated September 2019 -- this is NOT a USDA report.  Covers soybeans, palm oil, rapeseed, and sunflower:

"Global Supply, Demand and Price Outlook of Oils and Fats"

Another of their reports dated August 2019:

The strong Dollar is playing a part.

Apparently, Argentinian farmers are also holding onto some of their soybeans too as a hedge.

Oilworld website:


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Re: "Crickets", yourself.

Of course US consumers pay the tariff on Chinese junk that they foolishly it should be!  Look a North Carolina textile mill worker lost his job, factory moved to China.  He`s no longer "gainfully employed" so he only finds work at the Dollar General cash register ringing up Chinese imported junk.  He gets a "earned income credit" on his other words he doesn`t make enough to owe taxes.  So we have half the country not making enough to owe taxes, the half of us that do pay taxes have less help with that burden.   

China has essentially slave labor working for a buck a hour living in squalor.  Either you are a billionaire or digging in the manure with the chickens.

No ha hah ha Smiley Happy   It isn`t that "China quit buying from us" as the reason the trade deficit went up.   The reason is Trump`s economy is so strong that US consumers can buy the Chinese goods and pay the tariff least until we can fire up factories here again or buy from a country that appreciates our business with "reciprocal trade"  In other words, a country that treats their workers right and if we buy a dollar`s worth of goods from them maybe, they`d buy 50¢ worth of corn or beans or beef or pork from us...maybe?  



The U.S. imported a record $539.5 billion in goods from China in 2018. The U.S. is a net importer from China in most market segments such as consumer electronics, apparel, furniture and industrial supplies. 

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