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Two reasons why

We are still a dollar cheaper than they are.

On way home from a run to the e plant this morning with a load of $6.53 corn I asked her if she wanted to also go with me to pick out a Lamborghini ...

Got informed that wasn't gonna happen. 

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Re: Two reasons why

Ask her again at $7.50   Smiley Happy


Re: Two reasons why

Count your blessing Hobby.  A low maintenance "Her" will make you more money over a life time than a rare spike in the grain market.  

Planters are exploding in the fields around here just like the grain markets.  Cold weather behind us and some light rain ahead.  

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Re: Two reasons why

Hobby, I like you even if you did get me into trouble this week with whatshisface , the guy trying to hawk his marketing services on this site. Guess he objected to being called a "peacock". Just for the record, I have turned down at least one offer to be photographed and put into print.

I remember when I put up a spartan budget on how to plant a crop on the cheap and you redid it with lower inputs years ago. And a frugal woman, too.....good man! Just remember...happy wife...happy life.

I don't have  a lot of unsold corn at this point...who does after getting beat up for the past several years? But I did sell 5000 bushels at $6.50 Thursday to a local plant, and hope I have at least that much and more left when I get done cleaning out all the $3.50 corn I sold a year ago. Ouch!