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U.S. Farm payments

I have no idea what you guys have been complaining about in the U.S. grain belt Smiley Indifferent

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Re: U.S. Farm payments

I suspect this is somewhat speculative at this time. I think few really know what is going on. As a wheat farmer i don't expect anything more.

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Re: U.S. Farm payments

At $17.40/bu for organic soft white, I don't think our growers would qualify! Lol.
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Re: U.S. Farm payments

This is strange, I was going to start "is there
a farm program? '

Went to a meeting last night put on
By fsa and extension.

I walked away more confused than ever!

I don't know if anyone will get anything!

Prices listed below even what we have.

Why oh why did they go crazy with the
Direct. least it was something...
Something to help pay for EPA stuff.

Tried to use Isuzu spreadsheet. It. Crashed
After download.
Can anyone come up with a paper sheet?

And remember kids....when next bill
Rolls around....we will need to cut again.

As one agecon professor said...."well its better
Than nothing at all"
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Re: U.S. Farm payments

Ayn Rand would say it was worse than nothing! But, what did she know? Not much economically. Though she was a good novelist. Fiction was her specialty.

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