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U.S. Nightcrawler continues auguring upward


relative to other currencies, ja..


note exhibit "A"


Peering inside the belly of the commodity beast, Gottlieb is predicting oil is taking another leg downward..


and soon...


Killer corn market continues heading lower as it operates inverse to our Nightcrawler...


Meanwhile, the rain lottery continues...


over and out,








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Re: U.S. Nightcrawler continues auguring upward

I hope your crude oil prediction is accurate.  Cheap fuel is currently on my list of favorite things.



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Re: Oil is just Plenty of Supply

now thus relatively less user demand due to that supply.

the users of Most products are in the Pacific Basin.

thus the usd is being used Less now due to other currencies that are Common there..

thus Your right....but not due to relative currency markets.


granted the USD is WAY to High on a relative basis.


oil is due to test some lows....the usd is due to "crater." 

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Re: meanwhile, oil bulls are being carted off in stretchers


Supply, ja...


stockpiling oil on sea..




Demand, ja...


"demand for supertankers drove benchmark charter rates 57 percent higher in the two weeks.."



Note to self-


Today, Iraq kickstarting their exports up to 3.75 mil barrels/daily.








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