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U.S. Planting update

So, I'm attending a marketing class at the Lafayette Trading Academy in Wayzata, Minnesota. It's a real good marketing course, but we can talk about that later. I just wanted to report that there is no corn being planted, yet, between Des Moines, Iowa and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Plenty of snow, but no 'blow 'and' go'.


I understand that the first corn planted in the U.S. is emerging. We'll have photos and details Monday. What are you doing right now?


--Cleaning planter discs

--Putting new doors on your machine shed

--Repairing holes in fences

--Changing tires on your tractors

--Sweeping your bin floors clean.

--Mowing your yard.


--Meeting with your Marketing Team





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Re: U.S. Planting update

Right now I'm doing none of the above, enjoying a cup of coffee and talking to my buddies. HA HA. My equipment is all ready to go, just waiting on the proper planting window to arrive so I can get-R-done. I posted a few pictures down in the crops forum, a couple of them have ground temp. In this area, only field work being completed mainly consists of top-dressing the winter wheat crop. I would imagine as the ground dries from the nearly 2 foot of snow we received in February, guys will be getting in the fields to start and complete their preseason tillage work. I'm hoping to get a few acres of oat hay planted next week, but rain is forecasted for tomorrow. I will keep you all updated.

FWIW, posting at 1:00? I guess you got nominated to cover dad duty during the night shift.

Have a good one. Shaggy
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Re: U.S. Planting update

I'm calving out cows, myself.

We are about a month and a half, from corn planting, all the frost isn't out of the ground yet (where there is enough moisture for there to be frost).

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Re: U.S. Planting update

Lets see today I am putting a new tire on skid loader

2.Spending a couple hours helping out the drama club my kids are in with props

3. scraping cattle lots

4. Gotta go to the Catlemans banquet tonight

5. Gloating over the MSU win over Iowa all day!


BTW I already fixed the machine shed doors, I haven't even begun to think about the planter. Did think about gettin the chopper in the shop and starting to goover it.

Tomorrow I am going to take a Concealed cary class.

Wife and I are hoping the kids leave the house soon so we can stay here! LOL

BTW we got about 10 years before that can happen.

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Re: U.S. Planting update


going out to check on the syrup cooker

hooking onto the grain trailer and loading out a load of that bearish priced corn and delivering it

then going to empty the sap jugs on the trees

working at sorting some cattle and getting them ready for green pasture in a few weeks.

keeping the sap dehydrator lack of system going most of the day. First time I ever did this and if I ever do it again there will be a different cooking set up.


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Re: U.S. Planting update

Just about impossible too think about planting and/or planter prep. until this **bleep** snow stops falling!!! Another 5-6" last nite and next storm supposed too be coming in Mon.. High temp. next Tues.- Wed. are onlyforecast too be in low 20ies.  Enough already....I'm ready for Spring !!! If the weather does turn around the end of next week.......planting here will probably not start until early May.



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Re: U.S. Planting update

Changing oil and getting some equipment ready. way to cold and snowy in Minnesota for this late in the year. plus 2' of frost going to get pretty late by the time this all melts. It wont be long and the trade will start to take notice of the northern belt.

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Re: U.S. Planting update

35 degrees here in ECIL. We planted sweet corn on this day a year ago. I don't see any days even into the 50's until the last few days of march. What a difference a year makes. It seems like planting dates usually creep forward every year. Not this one. Hope to start anhydrous by April. Probably looking at mid to late April for corn here, if it warms up. It's way to early but I agree Tim, I think the trade may take notice soon.
Ps, good for you JR on the CC class. It looks like us here in IL may finally get to exercise that right as well by June.
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Re: U.S. Planting update

Concealed cary? Is that where you have a dental cavity but you don't show it to anyone?

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Re: U.S. Planting update

LOL ---------- NO -------- LMAO ---------------  NO I got it ROTFLMAO -- yeah thats the ticket ! Jr  helping out the DRAMA class --- oh chit -- i can't quit laughing !   They couldn't find anybody better than a DairyFarmer teaching Drama -- Dang Jr . my side is hurting !!!!!  Thanks ole buddy for the laugh


Anyway what was the question here ?  Oh yeah , What have we been doing , right ?


Well it's been a bog week here ! First thingI did wasgo over to the shed --walked in , sat down on my chair , then got up did a walk around -- wondering where the h  e ll to start , then sat back down and called Hobby , then came home for lunch.


Day 2 was better -- I figured out where to start , How about the sprayer ? Time to go home !


Day 3 , Went to the neighbors and picked up his home made special jack to raise up the Hagie so I couldswitch out the tires , Boy's them small tires are a b  i t ch to roll -- only lost one that day , got the fork truck and picked it up .  Got 2 done .


Day 4 Started on the back 2 , then Big Jay stopped by , walked in and asked what I was doing ? I said come over here and I will show you --- LMAO

Boy that was the ticket ! things went REAL good , what took me 4 hours -- the two of us did in 2 hours -- could have been quicker ,but hadto stop nd shoot the chit a few times .


And here's the finished product .



my documtims 458.jpg

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