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U.S agriculture and the Chinese

Is anyone else besides me tired of the Chinese manipulating our agriculture markets? Seems like news comes out that they are going to buy huge amounts and then the markets tank on news that now they are not going to buy anything. Of course this is when they make their purchases......after making statements that make the markets go lower. They have been doing this for years and yet, the traders continue to fall for this garbage.

I know this is what this tariff stuff is all about, but we need to keep the pressure on to rectify this problem. It’s time to bring the hammer down.

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Re: I think you've got the cart before the horse.

The Chinese are just playing the hand they were dealt.  They're trying to get the tariffs lifted and are using the tools available to them.  Have they ever used the media to work prices, maybe?  But then again there were plenty of times in the past they were straightforward buyers, even going so far as to buy 10-12 MMT before Sept. 1.

  Instead of complaining about how the Chinese are using you, maybe you should reflect on who put you in this situation to begin with.

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

I am 100% serious, i`m sick of the Chinese jacking us around...slap that extra 25% tariff on them and don`t listen or meet with them until they come crawling with tears in their eyes and agree to everything we deserve.   Screw em`!

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

Anyone who thinks that President Trump is the cause of this is sorely mistaken. The Chinese have been taking us to the cleaners long before Trump was elected.

The Chinese  have dealt their own hand.

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

Trump should have slapped a 25% tariff on all Chinese goods from the get go. Not enough financial pain has been felt by China for them to make a deal.

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Re: You fellows really need to just get over it.

Making America poor by trying to beggar the Chinese isn't going to keep America strong & safe.  It is our good fortune that we can produce far more agricultural goods than we need and it's a resource that we need to use to make us prosperous so that we can remain strong and secure.

  When we produce and sell soybeans, grain or anything to other countries they pay us with their resources, be it labor or some other element.  If you really want to be concerned about the balance of payments, it should be the overall balance of payments not those of an individual country.  And the truth is, the overall balance of payments, including goods and services isn't that far out of wack.

  And the truth is, we can't stop the Chinese from developing, at best we can only slow them down and maybe delay their progress by a few years.

   What we should be doing is building up our own trade and seeing to it that we develop the human capital, innovation  and infrastructure  to compete in the world.

  Anyone who thinks that slapping a big tariff on imports will help America thrive and prosper is just a economic "deadender".

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

I totally agree with you RoaringT1,

Our big hearted hate filled folks are always lost......... and feeling sorry for the poor totalitarian governments that keep their people poor enough to do the worlds work as they "pimp" their population.  

IT is a tug of war.... barter system..... we want to sell something and they want to buy it.  We have it and should be setting the price ... they need it and should be asking for a volume discount (which is what they are doing).  Seems to me that is what is happening.   It is ok..... Most producers think the price is too low for their cash flow.... probably haven't plugged beans into the plans for 2020 at these prices and are harvesting a smaller crop than the last few years.  Maybe it shouldn't be for sale.  That would be the sellers comment if he is not going to discount at these prices.

The Buyer will parade his poor family in the market place, talk about how many hogs he lost this year.  And the Seller will know he wouldn't be buying beans if he didn't have hogs to feed.  But it comes down to "Do we need to sell beans more than they need to buy beans?"  

Ask yourself, " who is the fool here........ The large country with a grain reserve or the large country without one?"  

Because when beans are cheap its smarter to buy them than sell them.  Every trader knows that.

I am not sure the Chinese ever actually manipulate our markets.  They do their job.... Why can't we do ours?

Unless our job is whining, cheating each other, and destroying the society that is envied around the world.  Eventually it will be poverty and self defense even in those remote small towns that Amazon won't deliver to.  

It all comes down to profits and competitive trade.  Even in the Mad Max world our haters want to live in........


(their called santa anna winds..... they come every year, some stronger than others no matter what the "outraged" candidate says.  Nature has never been fragile or in danger.)  Only in America can people run for office or vote without any qualifications for either.  Only the voter has responsibility.......any knot head can run for office.  Yet in todays spoiled society the voter is treated like a fool.  Until they gets tired of it.

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

The actual Chinese government doesn`t have to do much in the way of lobbying pro-Chinese trade deals ...the disloyal political opposition (Democrats & Rinos) do their bidding for them!  The Rinos import plastic lawn jockeys in their business,  so they like cheap labor, free trade, open borders and globalism.  The Democrats don`t like the President always did hate this country as founded and try 9 ways to Sunday to undermine it.   The Chinese just sit back and watch, buy hand to mouth from Brazil until the darkness overcomes the light in this country.

If the Democrats were true to their blue collar roots, they would say "President Trump, we disagree with you on many things, however China has been stealing our lunch money for years. On this we stand WITH you!   What do you need from us Democrats to assist you, sir?"   See, if the damned fools did that, the trade imbalance would`ve been SOLVED exactly one year ago.  Instead it`s been putting politics ahead of country for 3 years now.

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

SW  -  your  last  paragraph  is  priceless,  ( hurricane &  fire) ,with  party  lines  having  faint  pressure ,  on  results  -  -  -

Seems  the  high  tide  of  climate  change,   may  have  lessened  the   effect  on  swamp  drainage - ? 

And  of  course  heading  for  the  higher  ground  of  an  Ambassador  to  foreign  lands ,  being  quite  logical ,  when  fires  in  the  local  kitchens , become  politically  unmanageable  -  ?

Has  the   running,  debt  clock  of  24  months  ago, become,   missing  in  action - ? 

Oh  well,  all  is  fine  for  this  years  Holiday  Shopping ,  thank  goodness,  -  we  can  do  that  tar-riff  thing'y ,  right  after  Christmas  ,  on  those  return  items,  at  the  on-line  drop  off  tower -  maybe - ? 

Hold  the  Press  -  another domestic, Consolidation Plus  arrangement,  could  be  helpful,  and  as  far  as  ''collateral  damage''  in Asia ,  history  is  very  unkind  to  the  masses,   the  aftermath  of  Doolittle's  Raid  being  just '' one '' example  -  -  - 

I  keep  in  mind,  history , like  the  Reformation  and  95  Theses ,   is  an  on-going  process  -  -  -      

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Re: U.S agriculture and the Chinese

K-289, I`m sorry tariffs will ruin your Holiday season.