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US Farm Report from Mizzou

Tyne was at her alter mater talking to Dr Westhoff  who says with this tariff disruption payment some Illinois farmers might have a really danged terrific year this year.  Some reports of 100bu per acre then possibly get a $1.65 payment...and maybe they contracted a few of those bushels for $10??  Holy smokes there might be some $1,000 per acre bean grosses this year, Dr Westhoff didn`t say the last part, but that`s what it amounts to..."what ag depression??"


Tyne said some Missouri farmers hit with the drought have a poor yield and double whammy of low bushels for the payment.   See, this is my big problem with the payment, it rewards farmers that happen to also hit a jackpot on yield this year.  If the payment was based on historic county yields, that would be fairer and be a little bigger check for those of us that got the rains that Missouri should`ve gotten.   You get 100 bushel beans this year, God bless you, but you don`t exactly need a potential $160/acre payment on top where the poor guy with 1/3rd the yield gets a check for 50 bucks a acre

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Re: US Farm Report from Mizzou

I agree. Have heard three reports from my area of North Dakota that has the dreaded blood red drought bullseye. 5, 15 and 28 bpa. These same areas where in the 40’s last year. I am on the outskirts so looking at approximately 25-30 bpa. Ouch.
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Re: US Farm Report from Mizzou

More is Always More, less is never more.

bout that simple.

sooo if some old guy named Uncle Sam is handing out $$$$ for any reason....load the boat.

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Re: US Farm Report from Mizzou

Have to remember though, this payment is because the market dropped the price every time they heard the word tariff.  Trump proposes tariff = drop, Tariffs scheduled to be enacted = Drop, Talks are occurring = Even, Tariff talks breakdown = Drop, Tariffs imposed = Drop.........  You all know how it went and continues to go.   This payment just addresses that.  Actually if you look at it as the market "stealing" your crop by dropping the price $3 a bushel, the poorer our crops run, the less they are able to rip us off. Ha Ha.

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