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USDA Is In The Spotlight Monday

What numbers will we see Monday, in the August USDA/WASDE Reports. Also, there is something different for this August report, a first for this month. See what in the story below.



Story: What Will Be The USDA's Corn Acreage Number Monday






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Re: USDA Is In The Spotlight Monday

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Re: USDA Is In The Spotlight Monday

I think they`ll ratchet it down on acres & yield just enough to not cause a panic.

One thing about beans is they are 2 weeks (or more) behind and the signs that are up state that they are group 1.4 maturity.   I just don`t see how those factors translate into a huge production.   Whether it is acknowledged on Monday is a whole other conversation.

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There's 70 million acres of decent corn this year 

Say another 10 million acres of just so so corn. 

And there's 10 million acres of disaster 0 yield kinda wreck corn. 

Say IF total national beans are maybe 2.5Billion bu. That's a miracle high kinda yield for 019.


USDA is likely to not admit any of the afore yet,  or ever .

Some things the govt simply figures your best Not Knowing. 

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Re: A lot of 'if's", "ands" or "buts".

I really don't know what we'll learn beyond  just how many acres of corn and beans are planted.

  Here, anyways, in NY there  was a lot of corn stabbed in mid-June just to have something to feed cows.  And from the looks of all the four foot corn I see, I'm not at all sure it'll actually even make much forage.

The corn better be real good in Iowa this year to get that 13 billion bushel.

 The beans are all over the place, some look good, some just mediocre and some crap.  If Indiana & Ohio beans look anything like ours there's no real telling how many  bushels there might actually be.

I'm not going to believe anything anyone says until Nov. this year, and even that I'll look at with a jaundice eye.

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Re: USDA Is In The Spotlight Monday

I'll stay with what I said earlier, a few less acres and a higher yield because the best acres got planted.

edit: that's for corn, no idea what they will say about beans. 

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