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USDA report preview WEDNESDAY

Hi, all. They're getting all ready for the big numbers on Thursday over in Chicago. This time around's going to be a little different. Instead of the usual video of a panel of traders, CME Group's going to host a webinar over in Chicago at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. Here's some of the info on it:



The March 28, 2013, USDA Prospective Plantings report will have a major impact on agricultural markets, providing the first survey-based indication of the expected plantings for the 2013 season. In anticipation of this report, please join us as experts from CME Group and Thomson Reuters discuss acreage expectations and the current market outlook. The program will also include a discussion on the newer non-standards options, including Weekly and Short-Dated New Crop options, and the opportunities they provide to capitalize on high impact events—such as USDA reports and weather conditions.


Webinar topics will include:

  • Lanworth outlook on US 2013/2014 corn and soybean acreage
  • 2012/2013 South American review
  • International trade overview: exports, stocks, and demand
  • 2013 crop weather outlook and residual effects of the drought
  • Global long term production trends
  • Opportunities with Weekly and Short-Dated New Crop options 



We'll be covering the whole event; Mike's actually going to be there in the flesh and I'll be watchin' from Des Moines. 


Click here to sign up to join the party. I'll also make sure to post information here as it's going on tomorrow, too.

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Re: USDA report preview WEDNESDAY

Mike can you do a quick coffee since you are in town??  I have a meeting in that area tomorrow.

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Re: USDA report preview WEDNESDAY

I registered for this, but haven't seen anything to link to?


Anyone else having an issue ?



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Re: USDA report preview WEDNESDAY

yep I reg for it also.... it did nothing for me or told me as to how to link up..... crazy CME.....p-oed

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Re: USDA report preview WEDNESDAY

Did we miss anything?  Too juicy to share?  Change their minds?