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USDA’s 4th regional drought meeting

USDA’s 4th regional drought meeting in Ohio

The USDA’s fourth regional drought meeting is next Tuesday, November 26, 2012, in northwest Ohio. Colleen Callahan is the agency’s federal disaster recovery coordinator for drought. She says, “Drought still covers nearly 60% of the United States.”


Tuesday’s meeting in Ohio follows three regional drought meetings that have been held in Nebraska, Colorado and Arkansas.


They bring local folks together with people from federal agencies including the ag department, commerce, and, small business, not so much to talk, Callahan says, “But rather to listen and learn and take notes and offer input when appropriate when needed – and, then, to be able to come back and go through those notes and see what we can DO from what we’ve learned.”


The drought meeting will be at Northwest State Community College in Archbold, Ohio.



Anybody know about or been to one of these?