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Re: USDA, sorry babe

RayJ, I'll let you know how it all works out.  Smiley Wink

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Re: USDA, sorry babe

Well, having just cut a 106ac field that did 40 (aph of 58) hard to get bullish yields for beans, but I'll admit we are in  the armpit of the world the last few years, and IN never counts anyway. Plus, some of the very poor soils in S-IN are turning in tremendous yields. 65% done with beans and we are 5 under average, almost exactly what we expected. No corn done yet since it never has given us a rain day to get into to it.


All in all, a cool summer makes for heavy corn kernels, that should not be a surprise. A dry august/sept after a wet June/July is tough on bean yields, even the new genetics. Now that everyone is convinced of higher yields, I'll not be surprised by NASS playing catch up and lowering them this time around :-) 


Where is the outcry over how terrible a job they did on crop conditions? Kind of funny really.