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USDA under estimates U.S. demand by 16.6%

((i'm learning how to write a tag line from the best anymore !  Smiley Happy))


This will take a minute for me to develop, to hold on.  Tonight I watched "cake boss"....i'll have you know i was not in control

of the tv remote.


Anyhow,  the subject come up about the hungry in america,  a statement was made that 1 in 6 americans struggle with

hunger.....well i verified the statement, and went to feedamerica's website, and indeed they quote the same.


kind of gets we are, getting paid little for the fruits of our labor, and the reasons given that the "world is awash in grain"@copyright elcheap 2015........and that the biggest thing is exports.......


perhaps we don't need to be looking overseas for demand, but perhaps across the road or across the river ??


we all told all of this, but yet, in the "land of plenty", over 16% face hunger.....and we watch price keep sinking lower,

saying there is "no demand"...........i beg to differ.


somehow, we need to figure out how we can meet this unreported 16 percent of demand......



got to grandma jused to make fried mush in the used either corn meal or farina (cream of wheat),

you would stir it up in the eve, pour it in a loaf bread pan, and in the morning, slice the mush, and fry it. she used

a mix of bacon grease and crisco.......that was good.....

so, why not do that with the excess, very simple process, and just to be fair to we'll allow frying in soybean


we could call it the MUSH program.....



lets see we had









now we could have MUSH..... can't print that other 4 letter program !!!


ok.......i'll shut up now.

i'll take my pills, give myself a shot, and crawl under my rock


good night


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Re: USDA under estimates U.S. demand by 16.6%

But that doesn't mean 1 in 6 are not eating:

  • Some 48 million on food stamps
  • During the local food bank yearly campaign they had a poster that said something like, "Your food bank and others aroung the US feed 33 million people."
  • Wichita has the Lord's Diner where you can have a free meal.
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Free school lunches and breakfast
  • Our Church pantry can't keep up
  • Etc
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Re: USDA under estimates U.S. demand by 16.6%

Tonight I watched "cake boss"....i'll have you know i was not in control

of the tv remote.


LMAO here -- yeah right cheapo - but nice try -

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Re: USDA under estimates U.S. demand by 16.6%

Food pantries are good and local elevators help farmers donate the sale of bushels of grain for the pantries.  However, those that oversee what goes on claim there are cases of people with new cars and latest smart phones just going there to save on their food bill to afford those luxuries.   None of us mind helping the needy, but as unethical as some people are, those of us that donate don`t want to be pigeons either.

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