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Why won't the house (Dem controlled) vote on the USMCA... Uncalled for delay... Hurting the farmers isn't one sided.... Kick em ALL out.. both parties...ALL OF THEM

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Well, all the Democrats and only the Republicans that will vote for Joe Walsh.   Smiley Happy

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Re: Among the conditions ....

Among the conditions in the USMCA is a requirement that Mexico codify into law certain labor rules without which  US jobs would simply flood across the border.  No Congress, Democrat or Republican would agree to the USMCA until and unless the Mexican government makes the necessary changes to their labor law .   It would simply be economic suicide to proceed without them.

Pelosi has told trump repeatedly that nothing will happen until Mexico passes the necessary changes.

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Re: Among the conditions ....

Why would anybody want to re-authorize "the worst deal ever?"

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