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won't come up for a vote until after New Years. 

Given that the voters clearly rejected The Worst Deal Ever it is hard to figure why Congress would re-authorize NAFTA with microscopic alterations.

The perpetually receding China deal also looks a ways off.

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Re:Not so worried about passing the USMCA....

  I'm not so worried about whether the USMCA passes or not, it doesn't change much and NAFTA is still in effect.  I do regret that it's unlikely that there will be any end to the trade war because it just makes people in several industries noticeably poorer.  For example, the milk powder plant here in county of 75,000 milk cows is stacked to the room with unsold milk powder products.  They've rented warehouses all around to store it hoping for a end to the trade war.  Dairy farmers are hauling it home to feed to calves as it goes out of condition.

  And end to a trade war that I'm afraid won't come soon enough.

Meanwhile,  remember Elise Stefanik, the little girl who made such a big show in the Impeachment Hearings last week? Well, ironically, her Congressional District covers virtually the whole of Northern New York.   It turns out that the hardwood forest industry is a very major part of this sparsely populated  district.

  And that hardwood forestry industry is experiencing a major downturn,  mills closing, mills downsizing, mills laying off workers.  The worst hit are probably the loggers who are primarily work as independent contractors with their own equipment.  It's gotten so bad that many loggers are out of work and forced to sell their skiders, log loaders and log trucks at a loss, for less that what they owe in many cases.  I had a professional forester ask me if I need a log skider for a project I'm doing.  "Now's the time to buy, you'll never buy them cheaper", he said.

  I'm more than afraid we're going to see that situation in the Ag community before too long.

  And remember, those loggers didn't get any MFP.


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