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Ukranian attack on armored column, not on aid convoy.

Two convoys are in the news. The night time attack on an armored column crossing into Ukraine was after a column apparently crossed the border at the same location the night before. Supposedly the vehicles had Russian markings and military license plates. Not determined if Russians were occupying the vehicles or if they were separatists. The action suggests that the Ukranians had very good technology to locate and target at the border at night. Perhaps US intelligence technology was being used since the Russians didn't seem to expect being targeted at night on the border.


The 'aid' convoy of white trucks sent by Russia hasn't crossed the border and there is confusion as to what the outcome will be, though nearly 60 Ukranian border inspectors are in Russia to look at the cargo when the details are worked out. Ukraine has said it will not be allowed to cross the border directly and cargo will have to be shifted to Ukrainian trucks and then be controlled by the Int Red Cross for distribution.

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Re: Ukranian attack on armored colum, not on aid convoy.

[LSN] Media reports that Ukraine has destroyed an armed Russian convoy that had entered the country.  This has led to a rally in wheat triggering buy stops.


another report

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Re: Ukranian attack on armored column, not on aid convoy.

End run pass. First to look good to
Ukraine people. Second to smuggle
Weapons into the terrorist, then while
disburse act as shields for the terrorist.

They are doing the "right thing"
First red cross knows nothing of the
Russian aid....second transported by
Ukraine trucks.

Amazing what you can see from 23,000 miles

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