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Us $ direction

Where is the us$ going to move? My analysis shows indecision. Basis is far better here in canada than america, and I believe it's due to dollar differences...

Anyone watching and predicting trends in the usd? I just haven't had the time to look into it but I'm betting one of you guys do
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Re: Us $ direction

Hey farmerguy......My two cents of the US dollar is that we are within weeks of a pretty major high. The high this week pretty well reaches my upper trend line on a weekly chart. Of course currency trends are one of the hardest for me to predict. So will the CDN go higher automatically when the US eventually drops? I don't think so necessarily but usually does which will make our cash prices closer to the US reality. I see many cash soybean prices under $9.00 and corn at $2.80 today.


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Re: Us $ direction

S:Gavilon Grain - Creston bids M:YELLOW CORN: NEW 2.73

This is south central Iowa
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Re: Us $ direction

I'm at 9.5 and 3.50-60...

What a difference
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Re: Us $ direction

Dollar, I think currently governed more
By geopolitical right now, than technical.

But things could change depending on
Breaking news on CNN/fox

That's my nickels worth....maybe i'LL get
This one right missed corn and beans.
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Re: Us $ direction

I have it topping under $86 and a 4-5 month crude target +$113

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Re: Us $ direction you ever have bearish projections for things. Crude is keeling over on its way back to a normal price, maybe $60.


US$ targets for me are Feb15 @ 96, or 89 minimum.


Not an expert just some ratios and 90 quarters from the major low.


Important to remember the US$ index is 83% comprised of countries far more broke than we are: Euro, Jap, GB.

Obviously, the swiss, swedes, and canadians are far more under control, but at 17% of the average they can't push it far.


Forgot to mention the obvious, 1qtr2015 is 30 years from the all time high in 1qtr1985. Expecting a top before then is probably not backed up by the history.

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Re: Us $ direction


That is the only good news for COP on the 2015 crop, Fuel costs.      So Far.


Note from the west ---- Wheat acres in SW may climb a little or a lot if you consider harvested acres.

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