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Usage of grain thresher machine

Threshing or shelling consists of separating the grains, or the shells in the case of groundnuts, from the portion of the plant that holds them.This separation was done by hand in old days and now it’s mostly done by multifunction grain thresher machine, by friction or by shaking the products; the difficulty of the process depends on the varieties grown, and on the moisture content and the degree of maturity of the grain.

These threshing working may be carried out in the field or on the farm, by hand or with the help of animals or machines.Threshing or shelling operations follow the harvest and whatever pre-drying of the crop is undertaken.Depending on the influence of agronomic, economic and social factors, threshing or shelling is done in different ways:

Threshing or shelling by hand, with simple tools,,such as manual peanut sheller or hand crank corn sheller machine

Threshing with the help of animals or vehicles;

Mechanical threshing or shelling, with motorized equipment

As we have observed above, the operations of harvesting and threshing or shelling can be carried out simultaneously, by combine-harvesters or picker-shellers.

Whatever the tools or maize sheller machine used, the farmer need do threshing or shelling carefully. Transport of the product from the field to the threshing or shelling place must also be handled with special care, since it can bring about severe losses.Otherwise, these operations can cause breakage of the grains or protective husks thus reducing the product's quality and fostering subsequent losses from the action of insects and mould.

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