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Video to ponder

Just something to consider.

Something new all the time.

Tired of the CBOT ?




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Re: Video to ponder

Video is unavailable 

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BA Deere
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Re: Video to ponder

Was the video the Jeremey Frost interview where he broaches that the CBOT fiddles with numbers, keeping prices down?   On the "other site" there are "farmers" (endusers?) that are frothing at the mouth with hate towards Jeremey Frost... I guess tell  "farmers" that corn is going to $10 and beans going to $22 some will hate you?   Paul Yeager must`ve had a visit from "The Men in Black" and the video was taken down  😀

Here`s Jeremey`s Twitter to get more "conspiiiiracy theories":   

Tell me corn is going to 10 bucks and I`ll give you a bear hug.   

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Re: Video to ponder

I think corn "needs" to approach $8 at some point to get the big boys profitable and hedged. Or they need to get fertilizer and other inputs way way down.

Which is it going to be?

I haven't sold a bushel of corn or beans so I am, what is it....Texas hedged?

My oldest son has some soybeans sold for $15....I can live with that, too. Low input crop.

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