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WCB Moisture from CA Storm

Not much.  Kansas, parts of NE got a little, the rest nothing.  That's the problem with CA storms.  They pretty much are wringed out of moisture going over the Rockies.  The long and short of it is the WCB needs to get it's moisture from the gulf.  The drought monitor still showing large areas of TX, NM, KS, and NE in long term drought status, with much of IA continuing in the Severe Drought status on the Palmer.  We will get some rain this spring on these areas but will not be enough to carry through July.  Weather patterns can change, but still I see nothing to change the dry areas west of the Mississippi.  Moisture from the gulf has been absent for a few years, I think that pattern will continue.


Natural Gas is selling off, a bit early on the seasonal, but will probably continue.  If you haven't priced Nitrogen products, maybe simply buying as required at planting might be the best bet there, as N prices should come down with greater supply (less corn planted) and lower input costs to produce later this spring.


Lots of hype on today's reports, and a lot of nothing resulted.  Stay on vacation for a bit yet - nothing to see here.



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Re: WCB Moisture from CA Storm

Going back 7 months to the first of Feb, we are a little less than 50% of normal precipitation for central Iowa.  The tiles are not running at this time.  Thanks for the weather up-date for the WCB, not what I like to hear.  

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