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WTO Ruling Against China?

The rumors are that the WTO will rule that China is exceeding it's ag subsidy limits.  This might play into the upcoming US-China trade talks.


But my guess is that as far as my grain marketing is concerned it will be no change.  Even if it gets some headline play, I can't see it affecting my bottom line one way or the other.

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Re: WTO Ruling Against China? Interesting

post Jim, even if a rumor.


just how much is the supposed wto allotted subsidy limit for China?


How much total is China subsidizing ag there now?


interestingly....does anyone even have a close tally on All the USA subsidies Total to USA Agri?


ive thought for years that wto would get after the USA for all the subsidy dough here.

...they never have though....probably figure a bunch of the world could get low on groceries if they clamp down on USA Agri.


btw does the wto even do anything constructive?  Or they just another of those greasy outside supposed expert advisory groups that'll do anything to Control Other Entities?


No election needed....just turn the next one in to wto it seems.

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Re: WTO Ruling Against China? Interesting

Yeah, but what about your marketing?


Talking about things is fun but the bottom line is we have to make decisions.  Even evading a decision is a decision.


Does WTO affect anyone's marketing?


I guess the lack of an answer is an answer.  Smiley Happy

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