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Was someone feeling guilty ??

Wheat up double digits...and a mear  week ago
We we're told we were not price competive ?

Or did the Chicago crowd position itself for
The planting rally

Supply and demand figures be damned !!!

We're going to make some money to cover what we are going to be spending for tailgate this fall

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Re: Was someone feeling guilty ??



You have an amazing imagination, please share what you are smoking so we can get some too.   Smiley Happy

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Re: Was someone feeling guilty ??

well mix lantus, with metformin, glyburide, add in a little alliopurionol, and some lisinopril, and a dash of gabbapentin and

a pinch of statin, and you'll walk and talk funny like i do also !!!Smiley Very Happy


that day in question, the only news was bullish for corn and beans, but not much for wheat.  I think there was a comment

out there that we were at "the harvest low". 


not more than a couple days earlier we were told that we were not competative in the world market, at that price,

yet we gain 13 cents.....really no other explaination,


the more worrysome thing is, if the usda is right on  their extimates on the corn and beans, then we will see a train wreck.

but, alot of people really questioning things.  the problem is, like one fellow said, that's the only thing we have

to guage things by......maybe we need to get a new yardstick ??



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