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ray h.
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We are getting picked!

     Real hard,wait until the Aug 12 report,unless it is extreamly slanted,which it very well could be,things should heat up.We have a lot of harvest under way (wheat) and they know their is a certain amount of cash easys.My guess is some place along the line the lids going to blow.The wheat dynamics are lined up,perfectly!

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Re: We are getting picked!

I got to believe your right keep usda keeps putting out these big numbers of wheat production and i don't see how they are coming up with the numbers. Custom combiners from our area coming back from the run reporting very poor wheat with few exceptions in various areas. I here that soft red winter wheat crop has been been bettter but that wheat is totally different market than hard red winter and hard red spring markets. Here in North Dakota i would say a third of crop that got planted early is good condition, the next third is average to little below average, and a third of the crop is poor condition. Also there is wheat planted thats going need good weather to October to make it and alot of it going to need to middle to late septeber. The acres that didn't get planted is going to be huge here in ND the northern tier of state where larger acres of wheat are planted has high amount of perventive plant.


I guess i don't get it how we can have these high yield numbers for all crops when we have significant areas of poor yields and still come up with the average they are talking about. I look at baseball just have couple positions hitting poorly and see what it does to total team average. Or go o for 5 one day and see what it does to your average and yet when it comes to crop production numbers never have significant effect on the average must new math they use.

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