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We need a Nickle Cigar again

That was a Greatest Generation saying.  The price of nickel has doubled to $100,000/ton. Russia produces a lot of it, it`s used in batteries and stainless steel.  

To hit 2008 the inflation adjusted high gas price, gas will have to go to $5.20  ... hold my beer.    Shoup had their 10% off sale and I stocked up on planter parts, don`t want supply chain interrupting putin` this corn in the ground when it`s fit to roll.  Bomgaars has a sale on Ariat  ReBar jeans $39.95 not a bad deal and no clothing tax in Minnesota. 

China says their winter wheat condition is pretty tough, worst in history.  Not exactly a buyer`s market.  

A new algorithm translates hog grunts into their emotions.   Hope too much money wasn`t spent on this.   


An international team of researchers from Denmark, Switzerland, France, Germany, Norway and the Czech Republic have translated pig grunts into emotions. The findings were published today in Scientific Reports

Using more than 7,000 audio recordings of pigs, the researchers designed an algorithm that can decode whether an individual pig is experiencing a positive emotion ('happy' or 'excited'), a negative one ('scared' or 'stressed') or somewhere in between. The recordings were collected in a wide range of situations encountered by commercial pigs, both positive and negative, from when they are born until their deaths.















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Re: We need a Nickle Cigar again

Panhandle  Tx.  corn  bids +bases  75  =  $8.22  May  delivery ,  on  grain  bid  lookup &  Dec.  corn  there $7.01  + 60 .

On the nickel  front  suppliers 1 Brazil - Vale,  2 Russia ,  3 China ,  4 Swiss. - Glencore ,  5 Australia - BPH,  & now  mines in  Africa  & currently getting  attention  - - -  

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Re: Nickel production, yeah it's a hit but ...

... it's 11%, we'll survive.  Stainless scrap just got more valuable.

nickel production.png

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Re: Uses of nickel



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Re: Uses of nickel


The Greatest Generation folks back home in WWII just sat around watching reality TV and complaining about their hard lives.

Actually I’m sure some did (equivalent of reality tv) but they weren’t the majority.

Then they claimed the win, and the booty after the fact. Grabbed all they could.


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