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We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

As outlined in "Exhibit A" last paragraph.


ja, knew our soys were lower in protein, DIDN"T know it was costing us .30 cents/bushel (OUCH) on international markets-


Next year :

G to Seed Dealer : " ja, how much protein potential in that bag of soy seed ?"

Seed Dealer to G : "Say what?"

G to Seed Dealer :  "Need a variety with "protein bang" so I can pick up 30 cents/bushel more from the overseas market."


Conclusion : 


Info please on the "Protein Pleasers"...




"Protein Performers" or who knows what they'll call them..."THE THIRTY CENT MORE" seed.


Happens to be my 55th POST and I WANT ANSWERS ! !  So, who knew...variety with protein punch vs yield ?


 "THE Kraut contributor,"

over and out



On the international market U.S. beans are discounted 30 cents a bushel, just because they’re from the United States. The reason for that is because our oil and protein levels are low.

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Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

Just a few years ago the story was SA' s beans were low oil. Does that mean they are/were docked 60¢ a bu? 

 Kind of a Dutch auction?


Did they fix that?


I'm several dozen posts and kudos ahead of you and I demand answers too.

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Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

Is it climate related?? 

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Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

Just a guess but beans grown in the Dakotas might have lower protein and since they might be more apt to be exported they give all US beans a bad rap?  But, if you raise high-protein beans, might they then complain that your "oil content" is too low?  🙂 


On a 50 bushel yield 30¢ is just $15/acre, it seems picking other bean traits might be more profitable like a bean that one`s that don`t lodge.  But where I take my beans, they wouldn`t care if my beans were 100% protein, they`d just say "get in line and dump when everyone else is dumping"  and if I asked the price, they`d point at the chalkboard with everyone`s price. 


in other words they want to invent excusses to buy as cheap as they can  🙂 


Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

Used to be that "OMI" (Ohio, Michigan, Indiana) beans traded at a premium in some export markets.


I've always heard it is the western beans, particularly the new western production areas, that are dragging US quality down.

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Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

The following statements were taken from the article referenced below, looks like it was from 2011, but not sure you can link to the actual document, might have to copy and paste:


"As is noted in most years, Western Corn Belt states showed lower protein concentrations than the US crop as a whole.  Soybeans grown in the Southeast and East Coast states tended to have higher protein concentrations."


"Preferably, the use of a high quality protein source with an excellent balance of amino acids to meet the most limiting amino acid requirements at a lower protein concentration is a far more efficient option than using a lower quality protein source.  In a comparison of soybean meal from US and other origins, US soybean meal had lower protein content than Brazilian soybean meal, but better quality of protein – higher concentrations of essential amino acids (Park and Hurburgh, 2002; Thakur and Hurburgh, 2007; Bootwalla, 2009).  Although soybeans from the US are generally lower in crude protein, both US soybeans and soybean meal contained higher concentrations of essential amino acids (Thakur and Hurburgh, 2007), thus making their protein fraction of higher quality."


"Soybean samples from Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois tended to have slightly higher levels of essential amino acids relative to other major soybean producing states."

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Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

I deliver beans to a AGP  bean plant in Nebraska where I farm and I have always had good oil and protein.

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Re: We're losing THIRTY CENTS/BUSHEL...who knew ?

Guess what they are trying to do to soybeans what they have done to spring wheat add whole bunch of quality factors to use as discount price options. This has been standard operating procedure for last 20 plus years for us in growing Spring wheat. MPls buyers must be trying now to educate buyers in corn and soybean country on this practice. It makes for tough marketing a crop because what ever you grow they want the opposite. Over years here in Spring Wheat areas we have had to deal with protien discounts like now were experiencing anywhere's from 10 to 15 cent discount a fifth for protein under 14 protein and 8 to 10 cent premium for over 14 protein to 15 and no premium over that. I have also seen it other way when we had drought back in 80's and early 90's where we had discount for high protein,  They also have added other quality factors like falling numbers, test weights, damaged kernels, to reduce the board price. I am old enough to remember when we sold wheat and only discount was test weight and that was couple cents if you were under 56 pound wheat. If this continues traditional corn and soybean growers will learn that marketing becomes whole new animal its just not locking in futures price and deliver the commodity but producing and being able to deliver commodity based on quality factors market determines after it is produced.  This quality factor become part of basis reduction and alot of time the buyers will not lock in these quality adjustments when contracting ahead. Like i say with spring wheat we have discounts and premiums some years and then some years we have no discounts or premiums very hard to know what were dealing with for the coming year.

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