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Weather Lately

Not that this little corner of the world matters, but entering a critical period for moisture for beans.  Was hoping the rain patterns would shift with the showers we had a week or so ago, yet looks like more of same.  Decent chances for rain coming from west to east this morning, again splitting north and south of us.   Been hearing about some silage appraisals, info just starting to trickle out, sounds like all over the board, 15-20 bu/acre (or worse) in drier areas to 100-120 on some mediocre to better ground areas, and everything in between -- of course, assume most would be chopping their worst corn, getting some feed for cows where short on pasture and/or hay.  At least we got a break from the 95-100 degree heat, dry winds haven't been a factor, and this area has missed out on tornadoes and hail, so far.  From the road, unless you're really watching for the dead spots in the fields, most of the corn looks to have good color, most of the beans have good growth and good color.  Don't know what it might look like from the sky, but fairly deceiving from the road.  Corn ears not girthy, tipped back, kernels smallish, lots of variation in ears even within just a a few feet of row.  Expect local area individual  corn yields anywhere from 40 to 180, depending on when planted, maturity, soil quality and who got the spotty rains.  Local county average looking to be perhaps 60-70% of last couple years, at least at this point -- harvest likely to be underway couple weeks ahead of "normal".


[PS - I'm actually just south of the MO river, south of the big red area in NW and NC MO]


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Re: Weather Lately

Good post, WCMO.

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