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Weather Update

It looks like it's over. We just got home, my computer is in the motor home, and I didn't want to unload it until tomorrow morning.

The rain event for the Midwest is winding down. The moisture from the Guf is getting mostly tied up in LA. It'll be a few days before the next good chance of rain in the Midwest.

Crops at my former farm in Central WI look generally pretty good. Some corn around that area (by Mashfield, WI) looked like it got in late (not tasseled yet), and there is some pretty yellow corn in the area - obviously a loss of or not enough nitrogen.

Spoke at length with one of my neighbors (hi Daryl!) about weather forecasting, the election, and a field of beans of his that is being destroyed by white mold. He's planted in 10 inch rows (I think that's what he said) but it's been warm and wet over there, and with the beans being really lush they simply didn't have enough air flow. Hopefully, they come out OK.

Farmers over there have had an impossible time trying to get up dry hay, as they can't seem to string together more than two days in a row of sunshine.

Fields were wet - streams were running full to the brim or more when we left this afternoon. Mosquitoes were fairly bad, which limited my time looking at the crops. I did notice something in one of the corn fields I looked at. The corn was pollinated, the silks were dark brown, but, there were new silks weeding their way through the brown. No - these weren't silks that simply didn't pollinate - it was obvious that it looked like the plant felt conditions were right to add a bit of length to the cob. Well and fine except it looked like pollination was done over a week ago. Was kinda strange.

Anyway, we'll total up all the rain from the last week in the morning, and see what it looks like.

Have a good night.

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