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Weather and Market News

Neither is the same without Jenny and MT on here.

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Re: Weather and Market News

It's been a while since I have posted here.  A couple of things come to mind:


1.  The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few




2.  A few can ruin things for many


I really enjoyed posting on here, and I felt that I  had something to share and contribute.   I spent a lot of time looking at different things, and tried to bring here some of the things that I was looking at.  I'm not one that is satisfied to trust what I think, without doing some research into what is really going on.  And some of that takes time.


I obviously rubbed a few people here the wrong way.  I hate self proclaimed "geniuses" that get lucky on someone else's advice.  And I started posting because of what the "talking heads" on the tele were saying about the weather I saw as being wrong.  I felt I could to better.  And I think that I did.  But, maybe it was too good and I was seen as a threat.


For what it's worth, the extended forecasts this year (6-10, 8-14) have been pretty good.  


I got back from a month in Florida a week ago, and have been trying to get caught back up at home here since then.  My homemade and handy security system worked pretty good while I was gone.  It's nice to have cameras to see what's going on when your away.   The new motor home is great.  We narrowly missed having a bad accident in Georgia, which we captured on our cameras on the towed car (toad) and our motor home.  I will try and post that later.  It shows that sometimes, accidents have a way of finding you, and you're simply the hapless victum.


The crops looked pretty good for the most part coming all the way back.  Kentucky corn looked real good I thought.  The best crops we saw though were in Northern IL and Southern WI.  Here in the Cannon Valley this year, it's hit and miss.  There are some really good crops here, and some that aren't quite up to par.  East of here (Cannon Falls), over to the Mississippi the crops do look great.  But I haven't been around the rest of the area enough yet to draw any firm conclusions on what I've seen.  Going up to Detroit Lakes, MN a few days ago gave me a look at that area - and what I saw wasn't that great.  It's not like last year here in MN, that I can tell you.


Currently, we are very dry here, with most of the irrigators running.  It's dryer than I would like to see it.  Our lawn is drying up, which didn't happen at all last year.


It looks to be an ugly election this fall, filled with enough half truths and backstabbing probably to last me the rest of my life.  We certainly are a country divided - it has to make one wonder how long we can stand this way.....




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Re: Weather and Market News

Parts of MN are very dry, west central for sure. Crops are suffering on light and heavy ground if there  is a compaction issue.

Waist to shoulder high and curled up. No rain in the forcast and then it heats up.

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Re: Weather and Market News

Thanks for your contribution Jenny.

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