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Weather shadow forecast

With the continuing drought and heat waves I sure hope a few of you catch a botched forecast with some cooler temps. And some rains.  The reason for bringing this to attention is here locally we had 0% chance of precipitation last night and some how caught a 1.2” deluge.  The forecast doesn’t look to promising for the N, Nw, or W for that matter, so I’m optimistic that these weather guys botch another forecast and some of you fellas catch a nice rain or two.  Cooler temps on the way just hope everything comes together in enough time for all of us.

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Re: Weather shadow forecast

glad for you. A one inch rain right now is a God send, and will go a long ways towards making a crop. We are under the gun in Southern MN for severed storms the next 24 hours or so. Caught maybe a tenth this morning on a quick cloud burst.

Dont need the hail or high winds, though.


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Re: Weather shadow forecast

2 days ago the forecast had 50% chance and yesterday they dropped it to 20% for today.

Got almost black outside this morning and we got 1.05" from a nice pitchfork rain.

More chances for tonight when the front rolls thru.  Rain follows rain??

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