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Weather yo yo

Of market excuses. 

Just gotta laugh. 

Looks like 1 to 2 weeks of dry heat forecasted for the west northwest cornbelt. NOAA sourced.  

I tend to believe that will likely be the case too. 

Regardless the market town is thinking lower it seems. They must be on some foreign weather channel. 


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Re: Weather yo yo

Many people believe in superstitions and therefore predict the weather due to some things that happen in their house. I do not know how they do it, but sometimes they succeed. Such people usually do not trust weather forecasts and think that they are inaccurate, but on the contrary, I trust them absolutely. Because of the fact that weather stations like have the most modern equipment that is able to predict the weather for months ahead and it will turn out exactly as it was predicted by meteorologists. Therefore, I advise farmers to listen to the weather forecast every day and not neglect it, because weather determines the yield of the farm. Good luck to everyone!

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