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It's 65 in Mankato, MN this morning and 66 in Liberal, KS.

T-shirt weather for us, sweaters in Liberal this morning sw?

Not too often you see flash flood warnings for western Kansas and Oklahoma.

Any storm damage?  Mess up any harvest activity?

Hope it helps the water table.



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Re: Weather

Well it is a big help finally 1.5 to 2 inches near everywhere the last few days and mild temps.  Corn, dry land was already hurt, irrigated holding on will get a lot of good out of the cooler weather.  Beans are hopefully going to rebound..... they were stressing badly ( the first 4 pods are touching the ground)  60+ days of 100+ heat is tough anywhere.

optimism explodes 

Big water has been to the west in SE Colorado....... they always need it.....


Flood warnings here are a little rare but have a different meaning.... the fall from 4400 ft elevation to 2900 in Liberal area is a pretty short distance (less than 80 miles)  so flood warning means the normally dry creeks and rivers will come up fast and go down fast.


In 1960 my dad on a trip from the mountains, parked our car 1/2 mile north of bear creek crossing  Hwy 27 north of Johnson, Ks.

He had been watching a rain cloud over in Colorado.... 20 miles west.  Bear Creek normally dry with 15-20 foot banks on the curves had a concrete bridge 200 ft long and 8-10 ft over the dry sandy bottom.  Mom was noting we should be on the south side(homeward) when the water came hard and soon rushing 3 feet over the top of the bridge.  Within 45 minutes to an hour we drove across a nearly dry creek bed.  Dad pointed out the remains of a concrete bridge laying down stream in the creek bed that had washed out when he was attending a country school in the area as a child.

Mom reminded him of how many miles the back track would have been to get home..... but I was excited and a little risk just made it better....... Would be great to be that age again.


Sw ks once had the record for washed out bridges in ks.................... at one time they were all build too small for the empty of very small rivers and creeks.

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Re: Weather

Bad fashion and a little uneasy with my own leg- technically, any weather is t-shirt weather; it's only hidden behind a jacket. There is no such thing as shorts weather when the temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit (36 degrees Celsius) wearing a lil peep merch hat and the humidity is high. The jeans look great with that.

But seriously, anything above 50°F (10°C) and the legs start to come out. It's a majority by 70(21) or so, and it's virtually universal by 80+(26), depending on the situation.

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