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Well, I guess I back in the hay business now.

I have been thinking for some time that the way things were going I needed to cut back on the corn & soybeans and diversify.  The hay business is still pretty good here but I didn't like the idea of the expense of  re-tooling.

  Well, it appears that decision got made for me yesterday.  For some time now, I've noticed a JD baler that had gotten pulled out of a building and sat outside for a couple of years, so yesterday while returning from the tire shop, on a whim, I stopped to ask. "Would you be interested in selling that baler", "yes", "can we go look at it", "sure".  Looked it over and asked him how much he wanted for it," $1500". "What about the bale accumulator and bale forks attachment? "$1000 for both", "sold".

   The baler is a JD 348, built in '99, hasn't been used for ten years at least, tight as a drum, pneumatic tension control, heavy-duty PTO.  I already have the disc bine, tedder, & rake from my previous career as a beef farmer.

  So I guess I'll knock the free stalls out of the two free-stall barns, jackhammer out the concrete curbs, and open them up for hay storage.  They won't be ideal but they'll do.

  Too bad, I thought I'd finish out my career growing 400-500 acres of grain crops  but I guess you always have to be ready to adapt to the circumstances.

  I don't know if this is marketing exactly, but I guess it is market-related.


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Re: Well, I guess I back in the hay business now.

Congratulations Rick!!! Our dads and granddads survived with diversification. STOLE that baler-cheapest on TH is $3500 and the average of 50 of them is above $10000 (great deal!). 

(As a sidebar... another congratulations is due to you being able to make a living on 4/500 acres of row crops. Around here (southwest Mi.) my neighbors are farming 5000 to 15000 acres + unless they are growing, blueberries, grapes, or veggies.)

Good luck with your new endeavor!