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Well, that may do it

Guys were just starting to scratch in the mud yesterday morning.  Then, .2 of an inch yesterday afternoon and .6 thunderstorm early this morning.  I started posting a month ago about no planting corn in April.......Now it is likely that no corn will be planted in May as well. The way it sounds, it's not just here in NW Ohio. 

This thing is a national disaster right before our very eyes.  My original guess last week was for a 6 million acre reduction and a 15 BPA reduction subtracted from USDA's original planting numbers.  Here we are about a week later.......and maybe my numbers are not high enough now.

My Dad used to tell about the summer of 1947.  My sister was born the 27th of June that year. He hurried home after she was born to plant his corn.  July and August were the only two months out of the year that it didn't frost.  Most of what they raised back then was to feed their own animals and I asked him how they came through that lean year.  Fortunately many farmers had a left over crib of corn and were able to make just enough hay to squeeze through until the next harvest.

I'm not sure the magnitude of this impending disaster has registered with anyone outside of the Ag community......but it's about to.

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Re: Well, that may do it

It's official . It's a disaster. 15 miles southeast of Iowa City. I estimate I've had about 9 1/2 inches since April 27th. All no till ground. If I had planted corn back on the 25th and 26th of April none of it would have gotten any fertilizer or chemicals on it. Rain in the forecast through the first week of June. Afraid to look any farther ahead.. Will be the first year in 44 years of farming I didn't get most of the farm planted. Had a neighbor planting soybeans on the 26th of April. They look pretty bad. At this point would be hard to judge a stand. I thought he was planting corn that day. If it dries up this summer will be mowing grass and weeds  Will have time to cut plenty of brush and work on drainage problems. I'm sure USDA will come up with some ridiculous planting progress number on Tuesday. 

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Re: Well, that may do it

Calls on everything ?
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Perhaps simply Run Naked and

Plant in June.


And there's plenty of time to plant Feed Japanese Millet perhaps.


Just broadcast it on and hay it later this summer.


use say 15 lbs per acre and drag it in.

should yield 10 to 18 tons per acre at say $50 per ton Net.

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Re: Well, that may do it

You are not alone.

There is corn panted in Ontario but few are done and lots like me have not started.

Those that have planted 'mucked' it in and if we turn dry this summer that will cost them.


Storms went through here yesterday with reports of 60mm and more.

More showers through parts again today and more in the forecast most of next week.


I have finished planting corn in June twice in the 55 years or so that I have planted but latest I ever started was May 28. Will have a new record late start this year.


HU way behind even if anyone had much planted to use them.

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Re: Maybe some 80 to 95 day

Kinda corn and go ahead plant Mid June or so.


also there's some darn Good 105 to 110 day corns that only need 90 to 96 growing degree days.


i don't think corn goes to $7 till 2020.....there's an Even Probability to $6 by harvest 19.


grant, that $5 Cash is 1st though.



Re: Well, that may do it

Canuck, what type of crop insurance is available to you. Any thing from the Govt. or all private?

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Re: Well, that may do it

Over 10 inches here, wx radio went off, thunderstorm
Watch...good chances next 3 days....then
Dry....then more rain Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Wright....have been pushing pencil on that,
But would use hybrid pearl millet....but seed
In short supply, and only $95 per bag !!! insurance, so walking a tightrope
Without a net....
Also will not get a Tweety payment.

Might go out and swath weeds, (when dry)
Then notill in.

We are in the hills, but we have a kid out here
That plants corn after wheat...he says he could
Go with cattle...but last few years, been cutting
It....70+ but

Dang if I can figure how he does it

Another fellow also plants after wheat is
Cut...he uses cheap, open pollinated corn
(About $80 a bag)'s so so....

According to my books....we have some
60 day Milo ...but don't know if planted
Past July 15 if can get Tweety money
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Re: Well, that may do it

Per National Weather Service -- Kansas City received 1.32" of rain yesterday (5/25). That takes our May total to 11.02". This makes it the 2nd wettest May on the 131-year record behind 1995 (12.75") and we still have 6 days to go! Even more impressive...Kansas City has only ever gone over 11 inches in ANY month 9 times in its 131-year period of record. This May currently ranks as the 8th wettest month all-time for KC!

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Re: Well, that may do it

I do not know of any private insurance for crops but there is a program that is subsidized by government 

I think our premiums are supposed to cover around half the cost of it.

Provincial and federal governments cover the rest.


In all the years I have carried insurance I have only had about 2 claims, both small so I have paid much more than 100% of all my claims into it.

I guess somebody must have had lots of claims to suck up my contributions.

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