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Well, that worked out, sort of.

I sold my 2018 crop in Feb. '18, avoiding the first year of trump's disastrous trade war but I left my 2019 beans in the bin finally selling just now, needing the room.  I don't know if I came out ahead when you figure the opportunity cost of that money but at least I avoided the shame and indignity of selling last year.  I guess when you figure the coronavirus payments maybe I made a little.  And what else was I going to do with that bin anyhow?   Another fellow I know just sold his '19 beans as well but he ended up paying 70 cents storage.

I guess my question is, how much would you have to sell this year's beans to make up for the last two years' prices, not counting the government payments,  maybe $13-14? 


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Re: Well, that worked out, sort of.

I do think you are making a political statement, but if you really can't answer those questions you you better get out before you run out of USDA Dollars.

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