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Honored Advisor

Went to the show today

 Iowa Power Farming Show, 


Hope it gets better for the exhibitors the next two days.


Seed guys were set in their ways, a couple of booths had basically belligerent staff.


Way too many let us help you farm for a fee outfits.


Many booths the people looked like the Maytag repairman in the old ads of yesteryear.


Many folks doing a good job of staying in the center of the walkway.


That being said there were things being sold, I helped one out fit rearrange things so they could get part of their display on a cart and rolled out to a loading area.


I bought a new tarp for my trailer and an opener with a button, had to wait my turn. I was # 2 at least that did that right after a good pulled pork sandwich, chips, coleslaw, & coke for $15. 


Quite a few tarp outfits up there, seemed to be three basic styles, I bought the one with a five year warranty on the motor.  Bet I'll not miss the pilgrimage to the back of the trailer at the scales.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Went to the show today

got to wear off that $15 dinner !Smiley Indifferent

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Veteran Advisor

Re: Went to the show today

I'm planning to visit Thursday.  Strictly social, as I'm cutting back and not in the buying  mood.

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