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West coast wanderings

Hood River Oregon tonight....talked with woman running family fruit stand, and asked about size of the crops

She was quick to say "that is a forbidden topic in our house until all is harvested"

Some things are universal!

And I now know what a "rock jack" is, too

Looks like we picked a good time to be gone...old crop selling on the increase on the way old crop basis changes in last 25+ cents down...tells you something about corn left in country....

Hang in there.....will be opportunities, but won't be easy or without risk

Ray J
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Re: West coast wanderings

You're close. Don't know what direction you're going but Paradise Lodge on the South side of Rainier is simply unbeatable. From there you can run right down to the formidable desert along the Hanford Reach, the free flowing section of the Columbia above the Hanford Nuclear reservation.


You still looking at dams? Smiley Wink They're having trouble with the Wanapum Dam just below Vantage, Wa. Yeah, it's breaking and they've had to lower the pool behind it. I guess some design problems way back.


Have fun !!!

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Re: West coast wanderings

Ray, i see our ncia coop rook a nickel off old crop corn basis last night. Went fro -15 to -10

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