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BA Deere
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Western Leg of Tour none over 200

220 is usually common samples in NW Iowa.  Illinois pegged at 190 vs last yrs 196.  Pod counts 1249, last year was 1279, which is greater than the Land of Lincoln`s 3 year average of 1174.   

I hate to be the "first liar" here, but in my own scouting, I haven`t seen any yet above 200 ... unless you figure 75,000 kernels in a bushel.  My ear counts are very good 33,000, but there it tipback, oh what might`ve been.   Pod counts so far appear very good, but are 1/4" gonna make it?  Right now maybe 50 pods per plant that are in the "pretty sure" category.   It does appear that it is beans year to shine.   Maybe I`ll learn to love growing beans  😀

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Re: Western Leg of Tour none over 200

doing a crop tour myself.

Hwy 34 across Ioway from Creston, then into Illinois.

Nothing special in southern Iowa.

Cross the big muddy and crops become noticably improved. Did the I-74 to Peoria then the hwy 24 thing into Indiana. 

That stretch of 24 hwy is gonna be great. Hope their bins are empty. Was also nice to see all the manufacturing factories along 24, I think everyone of them had help wanted banners. 

The huge fields of white pumpkin's around Morton, Illinois (home of Libby's pumpkin cannery) was impressive.