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Western interstate crop tour

Took I-90 through S Dakota, Fairmont, Mn corn gets noticeably better, but beans were planted late, no PP seen like NCIA.  S Dakota is relatively a garden spot, beans, put in on time, even a corn field where the Badlands start was one alot of NCIA famers would trade for.  Pastures in Wyoming from Gillette to Casper were dry and you`d run your wheels off finding a potload of cattle...miles and miles..hundereds of miles, sage and blow sand, when they say "lowest cow numbers since the 50`s" they ain`t kidding.  Those with "nodding donkeys" and mineral rights seem to have been able to buy hay and hang on to maybe 20 hd.


In the picure is above the tram at Teton Village, see that snow fence? There should be snow on it, they`re in drought big time.  The Snake River was running at good levels, I`m guessing Canada run-off is keeping it there, but local tribs like Hoback River are low and some dry. 


 Idaho spuds are irrigated by the Snake, a trip up to Idaho Falls showed the taters and wheat were good, but I really don`t know what good looking taters look like Smiley Happy they were a nice green anyway. 


In Colorado right at the stateline, it becomes a tinderbox, by Ft Collins, it didn`t seem the irrigation was keeping up, at a Denver eatery, water was given only on request, but I suspect that was only throwing a "bone" to the tree huggers Smiley Happy Sterling, Co had really nice circles of corn, putting water on as the rain was pouring down.  Nebraska was either dark or I was sleeping going through, so couldn`t say much about it. Ankeny, Ia to about Boondocks corn looked good.  North the PP starts.  From 1/2" to 5" of rain yesterday in NCIA.  Little plug for the "natural grass fed beef" around Jackson Hole...Good stuff!  Only $3.99/lb hamburger.



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Re: Western interstate crop tour



 thanks for the account........and Beautiful photo!!!

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Re: Western interstate crop tour

Hey CX, pictures do not do that part of the country justice. Here`s a funny thing, we filled up with gas near Sinclair, Wy in the middle of oil wells and the refinery.  Now, you`d think that`d be the cheapest gas around, you have "85" octane "89" and "91" the 89 was $3.65, in Jackson it was right at $4 and said "may contain Ethanol".  At the cardtrol at home it`s $3.45...20¢ cheaper than right at the refinery!!!   Iowa, hands down has the cheapest gasoline and that is thanks to ethanol.


As far as corn, I think there`s going to be a logistic problem.  NCIA has corn planted 6-20 in some cases that isn`t even knee-high, that was a total "insurance play" the guy that planted it is hoping against hope that the wet #### won`t mature so it`s a better ins guantee than PP. I think corn will have to be railed into NCIA to fill the demand infrastructure that we`ve created.  Beans could be a disaster, when S Dakota has the biggest beans, no offense to them but holy buckets.

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Kansas to North of Minneapolis

Week end  trip through NorthEast Kansas to North of Minneapolis. Eastgern and Northeast Kansas looks very good. OK through Missouri and up into Iowa. Central to concerning crops in Northern Iowa which is way behind as many here have said. Southern Minnesota --drove though pouding rain Saturday.  On return trip traveled across Northern Iowa to Sioux City and down through Northeast Neberaska. Not only are northwest Iowa crops behind, they are now very dry. I saw some fields with tops of corn leaves starting to burn. Nebraska looks better, but leaves are wilting and it  looks like we are only a few days from from hearing about emerging heat/lack of rain problem from Sioux City down to Lincoln and I-80 west. 

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